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With over 300 homes sold in the past 10 years, we have maintained a consistent track record of selling our listings for the highest price in the neighborhood. This is a result of not just experience, but of the pride and effort we put into each of our listings.   

  1. Making sure the exterior is clean with spruced up landscaping and a fresh coat of paint is essential for creating a lasting first impression. 
  2. If your property has not had flooring, lighting, kitchen or bathroom updates in the past 8-10 years, you will likely yield a high return on any investment you make in improving these areas. 
  3. Utilizing professional staging will maximize your home’s space, and will give prospective buyers a clear vision of how their new home will be laid out. 
  4. Using professional photography and heavily advertising your property will ensure that any prospective buyers know your home is available and are given the opportunity to view and submit an offer. 

We understand that this can be a lot of work, which is why the main advantage of our service is that we take care of literally EVERYTHING on this list! Not only do we oversee the entire process, but for clients with a shortage of available funds, we can even pay for the upfront costs!


What to Expect...





Regardless of your homes present condition, our family works hard to make sure it is presented in a way that will result in the highest possible sales price, allowing you to maximize your proceeds. We can also help you through the process of a 1031 exchange and mortgage strategies if you want to buy another property, or lower your interest rate. 


If you would like an analysis of the current value of your home, and a realistic expectation of what you would be able to sell it for after we perform our preparations, please give us a call at

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