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What we do different…

Establishing a relationship with the listing agent. Before submitting your offer, we connect with the listing agent to explain who you are and why you are a great and qualified buyer for their property. 


By personally working on your financing, we are able to gather all of your required financial information and do preliminary underwriting prior to submitting your offer. This gives us the opportunity to offer short, competitive closings in addition to assuring the sellers and listing agent that we will have a smooth transaction and will be able to close in a timely manner. 


Helping you craft a cover letter. We have found that offers that include a personal cover letter make it far more likely that the sellers will accept your offer. 


These are just some of our ways to prepare your offer that have allowed us to achieve a high acceptance rate.



Upon Closing, we do everything we can to ensure a swift and stress-free move! 

We provide the Buyer with .5% of the Purchase Price CASH upon closing (ex. Home purchased at $1,000,000 We will give you $5,000). 

We will also give you a $1,000 Gift Card to Connolly's Furniture!




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