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1.  Take Control of your Housing Expense

Landlords can pretty much raise your rent whenever your lease expires and often times by more than you can handle, forcing you to relocate.  A predictable home expense will give you stability and control over your housing expense.  Consider how much rent costs you over a 10-year period.  A $3000/month rental payments will add up to $360,000 over that 10-year period when the same amount of money could have gone toward paying off 1/3 of the debt on a 30-year mortgage! 

Owning a home has a high upfront cost, such as a downpayment, appraisal fee, and homeowners insurance.  However, over time owning a home is cheaper than renting which is a great benefit.   

2.  Built Equity through the Forced Savings that…

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1) Browse Available Homes

Browse homes available in the area you want to live. Use our free mortgage calculator to calculate your monthly payment based on your downpayment. This will allow you to be realistic about how much a home will cost you.  

2) Decide on your Goals

Decide on your goals and timeline for buying a home. 


3) Get Preapprove

Fill out our easy, online application to get pre-approved for your mortgage. Within 48-hours, you will receive a formal pre-approval letter, and be ready to begin your search.  

4) Continually Check Listed Homes within your Parameter

Easily set up automatic updates anytime a home is listed in your parameters.  

5) Schedule a Tour

When your dream home comes across your inbox, we…
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